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Student Loan

Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy Gets a Little Easier
Federal student loan debt can generally be discharged in bankruptcy only if the debtor shows that repaying the debt would impose hardship on the debtor.
Financial Mistakes 20s Bankruptcy Los Angeles Debt Free
We all make mistakes in our 20s. Financial ones, however, can impact us for the rest of our life. Fix your student loans, invest, and start budgeting today.
College Student Debt Income California Economic Mobility
In California, the average college student debt is over $21,000. The risk of defaulting on student loans is greater depending on parents' income.
Seniors with Student Loan Debt
At age 55, you expect to retire, or at least begin to think about retirement. But there's one thing: You still have student loans to pay back.
Paying back student loans is tough, so some people are leaving the country to avoid it.
Paying back student loans is a drag. Some frustrated borrowers are trying a new tactic - moving overseas to avoid repayment.