If you wish to consult an expert about the options you have and the consequences of each one in a bankruptcy declaration, then choose someone who has not only mastered the laws that govern it, but who genuinely considers your best interest.

When you call the offices of Borowitz and Clark, the friendly welcome of the receptionist who answers the phone, grants you the confidence that you are at the right office. Then, when you are transferred to attorney Barry, you are pleasantly surprised to discover that he brings up points which you hadn’t even mentioned, but that will work strongly in your favor and help you to succeed. As soon as you begin to conclude that your best interest is being placed in the forefront, even though it might lead to your not needing help from this group, you will see that the 5 Stars rating I give Borowitz and Clark does not do justice to their knowledge, competence, and honesty. There is no further need for you to search elsewhere.

Mary-Christine A – California

You and the office staff have been incredible!! Can’t thank you enough for making a nightmare financial situation into a smooth do over and clean starts.

Many many blessing to you, Erik, Carmen, Debra (Debbie) and everyone involved  for calming our every melt down.

M & L – California

Every company/organization has “hopes” to have that one employee who goes above and beyond their job duties. And in this case that one employee is Carmen Barahona.  Mrs Barahona, has always gone above and beyond her call of duty with anything I have asked of her. This person constantly delivers “stellar” work and I believe she is truly dedicated to her work.

I rarely will write a note expressing my views on how an employee behavior is towards any and all customers/clients sensitive needs may be. Carmen, has exceeded my expectations more than I could have ever asked for and or have seen in an employee of any one company/organization.

I write this note to simply say “Thank you” for hiring someone like Carmen. I have had to lean on her since I had to file for chapter 13 due to all my medical bills that come with being a “little person”. Carmen, has been a stellar employee. She is knowledgeable, on point, compassionate, smart, organized, and does what she says she is going to do.  I’m not sure to what extent her role/position is, but I can tell you this Carmen is worth her

Again, thank you Carmen, for always assuring me that things will be ok.  For make me feel completely comfortable.  For always getting back to me when you would say “let me look into it and can I call you back”. Thank you for being polite, compassionate and understanding. Please continue to be that one employee that knows how to lead by example. Thank you for being YOU!

Marg. F – California

If not for you guys, I have no idea where I would be, probably would have lost the house, car, just everything, you guys gave me my life back and I promise hands down I will never be in that situation again, thank you all so very much.

B.S. – Van Nuys, CA

You have made an ‘old man’ so happy this Christmas. A wonderful gift indeed!  Now, I can concentrate on a new beginning. A sigh of relief! It was not easy and carrying that burden within one’s self was a daunting task. But, it is over now. Appropriate for the season. Thank God!

I received a message about a survey, and definitely I gave a 5-star rating to Erik Clark, you and the rest of the team. If only, there was a 6-star rating! Your team was AWESOME! Thank you once more!!!

With my sincerest and profound thanks once more. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all. God bless

Chris G – West Covina, CA

When I sat in court and watched all the people go through their interviews, I was worried because some law firms were not prepared for their clients. Mine was so easy and everything was in order. So, I just wanted to tell you all thank you so much for everything!

Lisa S. – California

First of all, thank you so much for your assistance and patience. Carmen has also been extremely helpful explaining the process in detail and patiently calling to follow-up. As you may know, I am going through a lot right now. I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this without you two guiding me in the right direction.

Eva L. – West Covina, CA

We want to extend our most sincere thank you to the firm, staff and most especially to you. We appreciate your untiring emails, assistance and provided support to meet all that was needed to be done.

We are very much looking forward to be able to move on and start fresh to establish our financial well being sometime soon.

With the said, we will not hesitate to strongly recommend your firm to anyone seeking services. Your firm is highly professional and very commendable.  Thank you for everything and we wish you and the staff a very Merry Christmas and joyous New Year.

Ariel S. – West Covina, CA

Thank you for your assistance and demeanor and overall professionalism during this totally stressful time. Be well, be safe, and be happy – cause the world is a better place with you in it.

Hubert L. – Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you did to help me get my car back, I am so grateful and thank you for being so caring and so nice; I really enjoyed speaking with you every time I did.

T. Young – Los Angeles, CA

You three are true miracle workers; I am all set and scheduled with an appointment and able to pick up my vehicle on Friday afternoon. I just want to thank you 3 so much for all you have done to help me with this matter now and going forward.

I can’t thank you all enough, or express how grateful I am with the quick recovery and help you have given me.

T. Y. – Fontana, CA

Thanks so much for all your help and assistance in getting us through our tough times.  Your prompt response and eager to help has been of great value to us.  We could not have asked for a better person to help us with our case.

Duc T. – Cypress, CA

A short message, before our meeting with the attorney. I just want to thank you for your assistance and patience. You have been very helpful and I appreciate your professionalism and well balanced attitude. Thank you. Be well.

Giuseppe & Daysi F. – Lancaster, CA

About two years ago, I was apprehensive about filing bankruptcy, so I was reading the Pennysaver and I found your add and then I called and met with Barry. I was put at ease. That was the best call I had ever made. The professionalism of you and your staff was excellent! I would refer your Law offices to anyone I meet. When I call there I am always greeted and always transferred to whomever I need to talk to. Thank you for everything and all your great work and your online service. Your services are impeccable and thank you for the lawyer you provided me at the bankruptcy hearing.

Omar R. – El Monte, CA

“Thanks, your thoughtfulness was very much appreciated. Thank you for helping us.”

Sergio & Olga L. – Corona, CA

Hello Yesenia:

I wanted you and Barry to know that I was so impressed with your services.  As a result, I have referred your firm to one of my colleagues who needs your services.  Hopefully, he will contact you guys as soon as possible.  He may arrange for a Thursday 11/11 interview, since that day is a holiday for us.  Thanks again for your services, and I’ll always refer people who may need your services.


Robert M. – Diamond Bar, CA

Thank you all for the hard work and support during these hard times. You do great work and are a blessing. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Richard & Marissa R.

Richard & Marissa R. – Azusa, CA

Thank you for your diligence with our case.  We received the trustee’s letter to rescind his motion to dismiss our case. We are extremely grateful for your assistance in taking care of this matter.  Have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

Love, peace, and happiness to you!

Tamatha L. – Upland, CA

Mrs. Nancy Clark,

Just wanted you to know that we truly appreciate all you did for us. We completely understand how difficult and long this case was and how unpredictable each week to month was. You were very nice and compassionate. We know that your hands were tied down and you had very little to work with. Somehow we will work it out. My “Thank You” seems so small compared to all you’ve done, but please know that it comes from my heart.

Thank You, Jack & Claudia

Jack & Claudia G. – Yucaipa, CA

It has been four months since I filed for bankruptcy through my wonderful attorney, Shannon Doyle.  After filing, I have still had a few follow up questions –  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with both you and Yesenia – you respond almost immediately to any questions I have and are always so helpful.  Hiring your firm was the best thing I could have ever done.

Very best wishes, Wendy H.

Wendy H. – Los Angeles, CA

I needed to file bankruptcy and had no idea who to get and trust. I called 3-4 firms and was NOT impressed at all. I then called Borowitz and Clark and was VERY impressed with the kindnest and willing people to help me. I made an appointment with the Torrance Office and I was so RELIEVED with the lawyer Shannon Doyle, who I hired. She is brilliant as well as very methodical. She explained everything each step of the way. The firm Borowitz & Clark ALWAYS answered my questions in a timely manner.

Sandy S. – Carson, CA

“Mr. Clark, We want to thank you, Annette and all your caring staff for the diligence, support and high level of professionalism necessary to get our Ch 7 filing completed and discharged.  Our best wishes for continued success to you and your firm.”

Randall F. – Glendale, CA

I received my Discharge in the mail last week.  I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all your help with my bankruptcy situation.  My appreciation to you is beyond words.  I acutally fell like weights have been lifted off me.  Thank you so very much.  If anyone in the future that I know of needs any type of help, like I so desperately needed, I would surely recommend you.

Lucille C. – San Pedro, CA

This letter is to inform your organization of the great services provided to our family by Ms. Alma Polanco. We have been meaning to write this letter for many months now but when trying to write the most eloquent letter that we could, we found ourselves only procrastinating. She deserves more than we can express, however, to avoid any further delay with our praise, here is an attempt at informing you of one of your superior staff members.

Armand S. – Palmdale, CA

Hello Erik!

Sorry for the late email! My son was admitted to the Hospital since Saturday evening and we just got him back yesterday=) so I’ve been away from the world for a few days now.

I was just telling Jose that it just HIT ME the awesome news you gave us on Saturday!! I’M SO EXITED!! EXTREMELY HAPPY!! and I’m looking forward to my new future without this heavyweight on our shoulders=)!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!  I knew that you’re a kick-ass Lawyer from the first time i spoke with you:). I will definitely Yelp your business and also Facebook it;).

I spoke with a few Brook students and they might call you soon. I’m not sure if you can help them if they live on the East coast? They were amazed that you were able to win our case so they might want your business.

By the way, I know you mention getting a photo shoot done. Let me know the date and also the location that way i can send you my information.

Thanks again!!

Cheers, Karina C.

Karina C. – West Covina, CA

Good Evening Mr. Clark,

I don’t know where my manners went….and my sincere apologies for sending this message so late. I was very pleased at how the meeting went with the trustee on Friday morning. I appreciate, very much yours and your law firm’s help with this matter. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you and Mrs. Clark. Thank you again. If there is anything further you, or the court needs from me, any time, please let me know. Thank you again. I would not hesitate to refer anybody I know – heaven forbid, who finds themselves in this situation, to your office. Take care.

Nigel A – Los Angeles, CA

This law office exceeded my expectations! The support and competitive urgency by the staff is unmatched. They walked me thru the entire process. They made me feel good during an unpleasant time. Mr. Borowitz and Annette Gomez are amazing. I’m truly blessed to have had such great representation during my bankruptcy.

Omar P. – Rowland Heights, CA

I have seen as many as 8 different BR attorneys looking for that magic solution to get out of the debt I incurred. Some were leading me the wrong way while others were pessimistic or disinterested. Then my wife asked me to solicit yet another’s opinion. So I stumbled upon B&C online and called and set an appointment with Erik Clark.  I have not yet filed for BR and may not but Erik was the only attorney that saw there was more to this that was troubling me. His candor was very much appreciated and he gave me some very sound advice about how to proceed. But the best advice he gave me was not legal but to do some soul searching about what I want to get out of this process.  I left with that thought and we are discussing various options that will help repair our home life first before filing. I have read the other comments and can not speak about their complaints only say that my experience was professional and beyond what I expected. Erik has been nice enough to answer some of my other questions via email in a prompt timely matter without a fee attached. I think he is worth your time.

John W. – San Marino, CA

This place is great!! My sister recommended me here a few years back. They are very very patient i file 6 yrs ago i stopped making payments cause i had been gone a couple of months then i kept losing jobs from left to right they never force me or harrassed me for payment they understood my personal problems. I highly recommend to go with borrowitz n clark good ppl great staff. Thank you for not giving up on me and my case. Big shout out to dolores and annette for explaining and helping along the way.

Luis H. – Los Angeles, CA

I was very fortunate to have landed in this office. I love the staff and the atty’s were very helpful. They addressed your questions pronto. And they are on top of it all the time.  They made sure that I get all my ducks in a row and that they addressed whatever issues i had. On the day of my hearing, I was so nervous becasue i didnt call the office when i was supposed to to confirm my hearing date. Anyway I went to the trustee hearing, arrived late, and my atty greeted me with a smile, went over some questions, and I felt that they were really there for me. My hearing went well!! I was so happy…didn’t take more than 5 minutes to answere “yes or no” questions.  I felt like a heavy load was lifted off me as i had been experiencing anxiety during this process.They still adress my questions even after my hearing.  Im just waiting to get my discharge now. I highly recommend B&C law office when you are thinking of filing for BK. They’re the best!

Vi A. – Los Angeles, CA

This firm has helped me turn my life around. They have changed my family’s financial future. Thank you to the whole Borowitz & Clark team.

Mohamad T. – Upland, CA

Just wanted to let u know that today couldn’t of gone any better!!! Many
thanks to you for being so informative and reassuring! Nancy was amazing and
really sweet! I’ll b in touch re car thing but for now it’s all good!!!!
Please let Eric know how much We appreciate his ongoing help with the cars.
Thanks again

Bonnie Z. – California

Dear Dolores,

Please accept our appreciation and thank you very much for carrying Josephine and me, through these very difficult situation and times in our life. Les was wonderful and reassured us very well. Once again we thank you, Mr. Borrowitz and your staff .


Josephine and Mark N.

Josephine and Mark N. – California

I called your office at 6 (six) and Falon was a great help to me. Please tell her “thanks” for me.  I saw that I put something else, I was so delirious, I couldn’t see it.  It was very long and tedious, but it was worth it.  You and your whole staff have been very patient, even if I thought at times, I was being dumb, I have been treated with a caring manner, and respect. This whole process has been very difficult for me.  I truly appreciate every ones help.

Dora T. – California

We are certainly elated in the knowledge that it is finally over. It was a long hard road but we made it.

Thanks you so much for your help through out the process. It was reassuring to know that if I had a problem, you had the answer.

Once again, Thank You!


Greg – California

Thank you so much for what you have done. And as I always said, everything that you have done for me is very much appreciated. I appreciate your professionalism. The last 5 years, I have been debt free as I learned my lesson. Please tell everyone in the office how much I appreciate them. Thanks again.

Rada S. – California