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3 Benefits of a Virtual Bankruptcy Process

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  1. #1. Avoiding the Commute 
  2. #2. Easy and Flexible Process 
  3. #3. Privacy and Confidentiality 
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For over a year and a half, we have been living our lives at home. In what seemed like an almost overnight transformation businesses and consumers evolved to survive and adapt to keep families and their livelihoods safe. 

Everyone had to adapt, people, parents, and professionals. Here at Borowitz & Clark, one of the first and most impactful changes we made was video and Facetime appointments with our clients. 

I talk about extensively in an interview I did with a fellow attorney and colleague of mine; Brad Botes also made the same improvements for his clients at his offices throughout the southeast. 

Watch the interview here:

All in all, the three most significant benefits to running a virtual law firm for our clients are: 

#1. Avoiding the Commute 

Especially in California, traffic can be a major hassle. Many law firms pressure clients into taking action only to make them wait. For us, we were able to increase our ability and extend our hours to give clients faster access to the help and the immediate relief they need.

No trying to find parking at a place you may or may not be familiar with, no need to leave a while in advance in anticipation of traffic, and no time spent waiting for your appointment to start. When you set up an online appointment with one of our attorneys, we’ll be ready when you are where you are.

#2. Easy and Flexible Process 

Not only do you have to leave work early, go in late or take a day office to meet with our office for the initial consultation. You won’t have to at any time during the entire process. Even before the pandemic, our law firm was equipped and used more technology than most bankruptcy law firms in the country. 

Our goal is to focus on moving your case forward while you focus on your day-to-day life. Go to work, take your kids to sports practice, have dinner with your spouse – while we focus on getting your case ready so that you can start a new fresh chapter of life. 

While most firms use the term “Technology” as a selling point or bragging right – we live in it every day. We use the software to prepare your case to the video conferencing tools we’ll use to “E-Meet” you for the first time. In fact, we are the ONLY firm in California that has the technology to help automatically pull all of the information together needed for your case, prepare the documents, file them with the court, and notify creditors. 

This process reduces the amount of work our clients need to do, helps us prepare their cases accurately, and file faster. This means that we all spend less time struggling to get things finished with old paper processes and more time focusing on a brighter future ahead. 

#3. Privacy and Confidentiality 

Opening up about finances and difficult situations is hard, and in person, it can be even harder. With virtual appointments, you maintain control of where and when you speak to an attorney about your debt. 

All calls, video appointments, and documentation are strictly protected by the attorney-client privilege. What we can also tell you is… you are not alone. Even the most successful professionals and responsible people can fall into hard times. Unexpected life events happen, and that’s often when bankruptcy makes sense. 

What’s most important is that you take the first step and explore your options. We can tell you that these situations do not get better on their own; they often get much worse. 

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Together our team at Borowitz & Clark has helped thousands of clients eliminate stress, burden and navigate even the most complex financial challenges. And, now are pleased to share a majority of our clients are now taking the most important first step towards remotely from the comfort of their own home.

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