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Download Our New eBook: The Top 10 Myths about Bankruptcy in California

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Download Our New eBook:

The Top 10 Myths about Bankruptcy in California


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Borowitz & Clark is pleased to announce the release of our new publication The Top 10 Myths about Bankruptcy in California.

Authored by our partners, Barry Borowitz and Erik Clark, the book describes the most common believes about filing bankruptcy and provides a detailed explanations why those believes are in fact myths.

Barry Borowitz and Erik Clark are board certified consumer bankruptcy attorneys concentrating their practice entirely on consumer bankruptcy law. For more than fifteen years, the attorneys at Borowitz & Clark have been helping California residents get relief from crushing debt and a new start in life.

A huge part of the relief is freedom from fear: fear of the bills, fear of collectors’s calls, fear of foreclosure, fear of wage garnishment, etc. However, most of our clients must first lose their fear of bankruptcy itself. That’s why this eBook was written – to give people struggling with debt a clear idea of what bankruptcy is not and how it can be beneficial to them.

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